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#1 2021-02-20 22:58:35

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assign another shortcut for copying text to clip

How can we assign another shortcut for copying text to clipboard that is
key while the shortcut default remains as is,
so it becomes multi shortcut for one action, but if it can only be as single shortcut replacing the default it'd be fine too!

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#2 2021-02-21 19:20:20

From: Bulgaria
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Re: assign another shortcut for copying text to clip

You can assign a new shortcut with xbindkeys and xvkbd.

Here's what I did:

1. Installed xbindkeys and xvkbd
2. Created a file

touch ~/.xbindkeysrc

3. Pasted the following

"xvkbd -no-jump-pointer -xsendevent -text '\Cc'"
Alt+Mod2 + Insert

4. Started xbindkeys

xbindkeys -f ~/.xbindkeysrc

5. Added the above command to autostart

Note: by default Xfce binds Alt+Insert with "Add workspace". You might want to disable it in order to prevent key combination conflicts. Just go to Settings Manager -> Window Manager -> Keyboard tab -> Click on "Add workspace" -> Click "Clear" button.

Note 2: If Alt+Insert is pressed quickly, the key combination is registered as separate key strokes and might not work:

$ xbindkeys --multikey
"(Scheme function)"
    m:0x18 + c:64
    Alt+Mod2 + Alt_L
"(Scheme function)"
    m:0x10 + c:118
    Mod2 + Insert

Sources used:

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