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#1 2021-03-01 20:24:25

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open or save a file


Using XFCE4 since only 1 year, I have a big problem.

My /home/etc is a really big partition with ab. 1/2 Terra Byte size and an incredible quantity of files and subdir's

I thunar, no problem: Thunar opens that main dir like I want and use it since years sorting all stuff really chronological (esp. files and subdir's are together and mixed in the range as they did be used chronological).

but this sort proceed is not used if the little "open dir" or "save into the dir" are used so I find always the numerous subdir's in front of the range and not the just a time before created or re saved dir's so that I have to loose a lot of time to reach the point where the single documents begin to appear in the list!

how to change it analogue the way in Thunar (where this not appears so: if I did save just a second before a picture, for ex. a print screen to load it into a forum, it is to be find in front of the list!)?

Kind regards


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