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#1 2021-04-08 06:39:10

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Weird artifacts with random video data

Recently moved to Manjaro + XFCE.
I'm running it on a Lenovo Thinkpad with their USB-C docking station.
I have a triple monitor setup and I was very happy to get everything up and running, that is until I saw those glitches.

When they popup they seem to be related to the content of the window that is active and the cursor position. So moving the cursor causes the content of the glitch to change, changing the window content or moving it around a bit and the glitch disappears if I'm lucky. I've had "bigger glitches" that actually blank that screen for a second.

They seem to be happening on the "outer" monitors only (the ones connected to the docking station).
I don't *think* it's hardware related, as it does not happen when I'm running windows (laptop is dual boot), so I have not tried changing that up yet.

For example:
FpWzGE.jpg (]link to the tweet itself)

I've tweeted about it with a video showing me not touching the mouse but just moving through a file in VIM with page up/down here

I'm currently running with the compositor disabled, as I was hoping that would help, but it doesn't.

Initially I ran the displays as an H (so portrait - landscape - portrait).
So then I though that perhaps it was some kind of overflow due to the desktop not being rectangular, so I moved to III (3x portrait, my desk is too small to run all in landscape), but that did not make a difference.

Can anybody help me? It makes my laptop nigh impossible to use and I'm getting a bit desperate.

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