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#1 2021-04-24 15:46:36

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No dedicated page for Donation under xfce.org

There are donate pages for most other major desktops:

KDE → https://kde.org/community/donations/
Cinnamon → https://linuxmint.com/donors.php
Mate → https://mate-desktop.org/donate/
GNOME → https://www.gnome.org/donate/

If you google "xfce donate" or "xfce donation", the first page would be "Donate « Xubuntu" ????

There is a donate link under the `get involved` page[0], however, the link is very small and the title is "Bounty source" rather than a straightforward "donate".

I suggest a simple single page donate page.

However, if you think this is unnecessary, I think change the "Bounty source" title to explicitly "Donate" at [0] (so that, at least, Google can find it smile

P.S. Actually, in the xfce document, there is a better paragraph for donate [1]. Maybe just copy and paste to the `get involoved` page?

[0] https://xfce.org/getinvolved
[1] https://docs.xfce.org/contribute/start#donations

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#2 2021-04-28 08:16:16

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Re: No dedicated page for Donation under xfce.org

Hello and welcome to the forum!

You may want to read this thread for a recent (ongoing!) discussion on the subject on the Xfce developers mailing list.


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