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#1 2021-04-29 04:57:01

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While I can bemoan the XFCE switch to CSD, there must also be adaptability.
I have taken what I have learned so far and completely rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating CSD. Includes grooved borders to make CSD windows more visible. If you have ever had a smaller open window in front of another flat theme window and wondered where one window ends and the next begins... or tried to resize the smaller window- then you understand the need.
Enlarged titlebuttons for ease of hitting your target. The original was tightly packed together and I also sometimes felt I needed to toss a cheerio into the bowl in order to hit the Maximize button.

I am in the process of building a repo and a Website of my own to host my disast... themes on. As well as an apt repo. For now, I am still rebuilding each and every single theme to include far more, fix issues and errors and aim for perfection.

Which means... Testers Wanted.
Azenis2021 is currently in Beta form, for Mint, Mate, Cinnamon, XFCE. It can be used on Gnome D.E. but lacks Gnome Shell (And I have no intention of building one.)
If you are willing to help be a vict... tester, please email me at aravisian@protonmail.com or send me a PM for a download link to an Azenis2021 theme .deb installer file.
Feedback from multiple fronts is crucial to sussing out any issues or bugs. The theme may not be your cup of tea, but helping test can help create more themes, more that are even your cup of tea. Or, you can pillage the css for class selectors and ID's for making a theme of your own.
Be warned:
XFCE4 panel, Whiskermenu theme (And Zorinmenu for you Zorin Lite users like me), terminal background etc are all Set up Out of the Box. Users may want to right click Whisker menu and select custom icon as "No Icon" to get the effect seen in the screenshot.
Read Me file covers this and more...

Thanks for all of the help.

Right click and select "View image in new tab" to see it in "big".

Please keep in mind; I am not a programmer or software engineer. I am an automechanic and a novice.  Testing and feedback can help me improve these themes, but I am not an expert. Just an enthusiast.

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#2 2021-04-29 07:09:13

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Re: Azenis2021

Congratulations, Aravisian!

At home we only use light vanilla themes (Adwaita), but Azenis2021 looks good and your reasons for making it sound good. Great job, good luck!


#3 2021-04-29 19:11:04

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Re: Azenis2021

alcornoqui wrote:

At home we only use light vanilla themes (Adwaita),

Sometimes it feels like those of us that prefer skeuomorphism or customization are the minority. It feels like we are getting slowly trampled over time by Changes of Conformity.  Differences and preferences are something to be appreciated and enjoyed, not cast aside or frowned upon.
There is much that cannot be done with a CSD border.
I have made a few light themes. I prefer dark themes and making light ones hurts my eyes. lol.
Thanks for the supportive encouragement.


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