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#1 2021-08-08 01:27:00

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Ctrl character and X windows

this strange problem started today.  i've narrowed it down to typing a Control character triggering the Cttl-UP movement being delayed somewhere.  it still "thinks" the Ctrl key is in the DOWN state.  if i quietly wait long enough (3 to 5 seconds), then it changes the state to UP.  it i start pressing some letter key rapidly, it takes a while.  in the mean time that letter's Ctrl character is the input as if Ctrl were still DOWN.  maybe the problem is happening at the time the character is being translated to its Ctrl character.

i mostly suspect a bug in X but i can't rule out code in XFCE such as where it handles keyboard shortcuts.  i'm still running XFCE 4.12.3 on Xubuntu 18.04.5. i am not ready to switch to 20.04 as i need to get encryption working on my 2nd hard drive and move data there, otherwise that would be what i would do next.  and this puts a freeze on the encryption effort.

i have done tests what i run emacs and then on the command line run my "stu" script ("dm-tool switch-to-user").  ^X^C gets out of emacs and the shell next runs stu with no input from me.  then i'm on another user (set to bypass login prompt) an the keyboard is working fine in this user's X server.  so it looks like X or nearby.

anyone have any ideas?  the whole system is pretty much useless until i can fix this.

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