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#1 2021-09-12 19:11:07

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Getting the spotify icon back in the panel

The latest update changed something so now whenever I open Spotify, the icon in the panel changes to the blue and white "window". From what I understand it's because that the icon in the desktop-file is called "spotify-client" while the exec-line contains only "spotify" (I read this somewhere, and it might be completely wrong). But I have the same/similar problem with Telegram, where I changed the systray icon from the blue one to a white one. And in the systray it shows the white icon, BUT also in the panel. So, I'm wondering, where do XFCE4 get the panel-icons from? Apparently it's not using the ones that is set in MenuLibre.


#2 2021-09-15 20:16:54

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Re: Getting the spotify icon back in the panel

Are you using the Snap version? It got an update on 1st Sep. so it might be an issue on their side. You could try one of the other or older versions: https://snapcraft.io/spotify

Overall I'm having the same issue not only with spotify but also with ms teams (months ago). So would love to finally find a solution how to change the icon!

This is how it looks on Manjaro Pahvo: FluxBB bbcode test

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