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#1 2021-09-22 21:51:10

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keyboard shortcuts command issue


I can't get my cmd working in the keyboard shortcut panel. it give the content of clipboard (a youtube url) to the input of mpv player

mpv `clippaste`

works in terminal but don't as a command for a keybord shorcut
I try also  without success.

terminator -e "mpv `clippaste`"

Also try with

xclip -o

but i think it does exact same thing

In addition, i have to say that i dont understant why

clippaste | mpv

don't work in termlinal, wich was my first try ... but that is offtopic maybe

I must miss something big, as always learning linux on debian

Thank you


#2 2021-09-23 17:20:38

From: Canada
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Re: keyboard shortcuts command issue

Assuming your intent is to play a video file by using the filename located in the clipboard......

The Xfce interpreter is not a complete shell intepreter, you should run your command through your shell. So for example:

bash -c "parole `xclip -o`"

However, this won't work in this instance because the clipboard is only returning the clipped text - not the path to the file, so unless the file is in your home directory, it will never find it and will generate an error (using your example where you are trying to pipe it through mpv).

A better option would be to use thunar custom actions - assuming you are using thunar to browse to the files.

Hello and welcome to the forum.


#3 2021-10-03 18:52:24

Registered: 2021-09-22
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Re: keyboard shortcuts command issue

Thanks for explanation. I'll look more at the custom actions... that is where i was looking at first.


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