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#1 2021-10-13 16:26:14

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Display settings does not stay saved. Dual screens, Ub-u 20.04.2

I have two screens, an AMD cpu; AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, and a GPU; GV-R69XT Gaming OC-16GD. When setting Displays, in settings, they come up "Mirrored" with a minus sign in the check box for "mirroring". I have to click it, then unclick it to get the two screens separated from each other in the visualization. Then I move the left one to the right, check values and click apply. I get the question "Do you want to save this" or smthg equal.
I say yes, assuming the settings are saved.

Then I eat my dinner and when I come back the displays are mirrored and my (normally) main screen is forgotten, both screens has information (small black window) about my secondary screen, on both screens. I could say a number of things about this (like: in Windows, this is never a problem") etc but since I'm well behaved I just hope somebody can explain to me what to do, to make my new settings work AND stay.

I thought I'd go with Nvidia when buing this machine but the bloody ship Evergiven got stuck in the Suez canal and the chip shortage due to Covid made things go haywire and the price for the Nvidia card doubled. Highly unpalatable. So I went with Radeon instead and lost 16Gb memory, but who am I to complain... (whine)
Best, Per


#2 2021-10-14 19:42:41

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Re: Display settings does not stay saved. Dual screens, Ub-u 20.04.2

Could ToZ's answer to my display question help you here I wonder. See:



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