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#1 2021-11-26 07:47:02

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xfce4-terminal Custom keyboard shortcuts "Windows-like"

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using an xfce4-terminal (not desktop) using a virtual machine on my Windows 10. Something annoying is that I am not able to use shortcuts involving the Windows key to fastly move windows as on Windows 10 (for example, Windows+LeftArrow is moving the current window to the left). So i tried to edit the config file at ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/accels.scm to see if i can configure such shortcuts. I am able, for exemple, to bind the "<Super>Left" shortcut to do a simple "copy" and it works great by adding the following line :

(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/terminal-window/copy" "<Super>Left")

It would be great if, instead of the "copy" action, there was an action like "move-window-left". Here is my trouble : i'm not able to find any action of this type. I haven't find any list of possible "Actions" for terminal keyboard-shortcuts, is there one somewhere? Otherwise, is there a way to use custom shortcuts (maybe calling a python script to do what I want for ex)?

Finally, I think the simplest way to use Windows-shortcuts would be that the xfce4-terminal was not able to recognize the Super key when I'm pressing it (what I mean is when using "xev", push down the Super key would do absolutely nothing so my Windows 10 would interpret it and not the terminal, but its not the case). But I'm afraid that it's not possible.. Any ideas?

Thank you!


#2 2021-11-26 08:42:16

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Re: xfce4-terminal Custom keyboard shortcuts "Windows-like"


These options are tied to the Xfce window manager—xfwm4.

Remember to edit the subject of your topic to include the [SOLVED] tag once you're satisfied with the answers or have found a solution (in which case, don't forget to share it as well), so that other members of the community can quickly refer to it and save their time. Pretty please! tongue


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