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#1 2021-12-27 23:08:52

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Experience with Xfce 4.16.

I have waited several months of using Xfce 4.16 before posting this to show the pros and cons of Xfce 4.16 compared to Xfce 4.14. I am using MX-21 Linux which uses Xfce 4.16. Not much on the pros. The pros of Xfce 4.16: 1) Sharper boarders making it easier to catch the boarder and drag it. 2) Open application windows showing the amount of windows and can be individually selected in the panel while open. 3) Looks more modern. The cons of 4.16: 1) No more Orage calendar and nothing to replace it with. 2) Icons in panel look hideous and amateurish. The volume icon and power icons are awful looking! 3) Theming is broken because not all icons can be changed when changing icons, Requires tap dancing through the command line to change icons individually and finding someone that knows how to do it so the icons don't look so awful. 4) Boarder theming broken with no fix to be publicly known to be available. 5) Weather application in the panel had the control buttons removed. While before with Xfce 4.14 you can right click the control box to maximize which is backwards the developers decided to remove the controls instead of fixing it. 6) Control buttons in the Whisker menu are tiny making it difficult to use especially when you want to log out. 7) Mouse left click sticking that causes a window to be dragged when it's not wanted to be drag hasn't been fixed. 8) Some windows can't be resized while opening to an odd size that doesn't fit the screen properly which is an ongoing issue with XFCE. What would of been a good addition is to have Compiz to be installed by default and for it to work properly. Perhaps Compiz wasn't added because of getting it to work properly and not to break theming even more. While it seems there have been a little positive progress with Xfce, there are more problems added which makes the progression of Xfce more of a push instead of an upgrade.  Hopefully in the future the Xfce developers will correct these issues.

I am command line illiterate. I use MX-21.3 Linux.


#2 2021-12-28 12:04:49

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Re: Experience with Xfce 4.16.

@mauser: you really should post this on our Forum first, as you are mixing Xfce features with MX-21 ones (which include the changes brought by the new Debian base). We can work with you on the MX-21 ones, though as you already know we always need the Quick System Info (an inxi report).

Then you could return with your Xfce-specific complaints.

MX-23 (based on Debian Stable) with our flagship Xfce 4.18.


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