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#1 2022-01-07 07:13:12

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how to list linux's partition in thunar's side panel and on desktop ?


i installed xfce for freebsd.

in xfce, it auto list windows's partitions ntfs's icons on desktop and in thunar's side panel.

how to list all the partitions or choosed on desktop and in thunar's side panel ? e.g. linux 's partitions ?

in the file "/etc/fstab"

freebsd has only its partitions (ufs) as linux has only its partitions (btrfs). they don't have lines of ntfs in it. but they could show ntfs partitions icons on desktop and in thunar's side panel. so, how to let xfce also shows btrfs partitions?



#2 2022-01-07 21:09:03

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Re: how to list linux's partition in thunar's side panel and on desktop ?

I don't know if it is possible to list the partitions, what I do is to give names to all partitions (except the system ones, like "/", "boot", "var", "temp" etc.) and so opening root ("/"), I have the partitions as folders with their respective names.
And if I want to have any of them in the "side panel" list of Thunar I just drag them to the panel.
Obviously they are not in the "Devices" section, they are in the "Places" section, but at least they are easily and quickly accessible.
Normally in folder "/" you have shown as folders all partitions that are listed in the "fstab" (unless they have some special mount conditions).
Windows partitions that you see as icons (grayed out as I guess), are not mounted and as they are not part of your system, they are "treated" as removable media. If you uncheck the option to "show removable media icons" on desktop, they will disappear...
To have icons on the desktop, nothing simpler than to create launchers or simply shortcuts (assuming we are talking about disk partitions of your pc), if it is a matter of removable media partitions, if in desktop properties "show removable media icons" is checked, you see them normally (grayed out of course, unless you check "mount removable media on insertion").

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