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#26 2021-01-08 18:45:21

From: Finland
Registered: 2021-01-08
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Re: Xfce 4.16 Released!

dlu2020 wrote:

FYI, 4.16, just transitioned into Debian testing, so it looks like it will make it into Bullseye!!

And it works very well already. Can't wait D11 stable release.

Debian 11 Bullseye 64-bit + Xfce 4.16
HP Z230 Tower Workstation
Linux user since 2004


#27 2021-02-28 09:20:45

Registered: 2021-02-28
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Re: Xfce 4.16 Released!

geekland wrote:

Sorry to say that XFCE 4.16 is an step back. Thanks for your time and effort but I really dislike the result. So time to change desktop. I hate gnome shell and XFCE desktop version by version reminds me more Gnome Shell.

Well, looks like just about every application that switches from gtk2 to gtk3 makes a step back. Firefox, Gnome, lesser applications like Gajim, and now XFCE. While XFCE used GTK3 for a while, it was not that bad; now, however, GTK2 support was completely removed (), and Client Side Decorations were introduced, which completed the "dark side migration".

I don't want to sound overly negative, and I very much appreciate the effort that went into creating XFCE (which I used during most of my Linux usage history). However, due to the changes in this release, I'll likely switch to a different DE.


#28 2021-03-12 03:52:24

Registered: 2021-03-12
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Re: Xfce 4.16 Released!

amazing update

moto x3m

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#29 2021-05-11 08:33:09

Registered: 2018-06-06
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Re: Xfce 4.16 Released!

When will 4.16 appear in a stable repo?

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#30 2022-02-09 06:46:45

From: Hellas
Registered: 2014-09-12
Posts: 33

Re: Xfce 4.16 Released!

Hi to all .

I just installed XFCE 4.16 in my Devuan system. It looks great.
Congratulations to the developers for keeping alive a stable , distraction-ads free , simple & elegant libre desktop.

Being in strict budget and with the energy and heat costs skyrocketing (io europe/greece at least) i wish i could donate more that a 'coffee' that i just did :-)
I dont have twitter to tweet about it so i toot it  in my fosstotodon account.. and in my mastodon.social account.

Since opencollective doesnt support mastodon i used xfce's screenshot app to take and image from my opencollective donation and paste it immediately in my mastodon's toot edit box. Very handy utilitie !

i want to ask if are you considering also alternatives modes of  micropayments support , sth in the logic of flattr or crypto.
For a crypto example I could send you a 0.01 LTC (which is equal to 1  euro now days) and pay 1 eurocent in transaction fees).

ps: i just show that opencollective offers crypto (warzone 2100 has that option)

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Distro: Devuan GNU/Linux 5 (daedalus)  Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0


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