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#1 2022-06-06 11:01:31

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Xfce does not apply display configuration when displays are connected.


I frequently switch my display from USB-C to display port and the other way around because I have two Thinkpads connected to it.
Antoher display is connected to the display out port of the first display.

Frequently when I switch on one of the laptops, then the external displays stay dark and only the notebook display will work. All application windows and the panel will be scattered over the other displays.

I try turning the displays off on again. It helps sometimes. But many times I have to logout und log in again. Then everything works.

So, what is done when I log off? And can I trigger this action manually somehow? Which of course would also not always work, but many times I get a hold of a terminal window or something to work with.


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