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#1 2022-07-16 23:17:19

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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notification sticky keys are disabled

today i rebooted for an unrelated reason.  user "admin" was auto logged in, as usual.  its panel came up and its plugins appeared as usual.  then the xfce4-terminal window appeared, almost full screen (leaving the panel visible) as usual.  then a notification appeared saying that sticky keys are disabled.  i tried them and sticky keys were working.  the notification was wrong.

then i ran my big "setup" script.  it was starting up several users in sequence (using "dm-tool switch-to-user ..." with time between each).  one of the many (14) users ("pdh") got the same notification about sticky keys being disabled.  but they are working for that user.  sticky keys were enabled for every user by doing it graphically with Settings >> Accessibility >> Keyboard >> Sticky Keys >> Use sticky keys (clicked so the check mark appears in that check box) instead of by a command.  that is the only check box that is marked.

i don't know what triggers the notification?  does anyone else know?

i don't know why just these 2 out of 15 users were notified.  in the past different users have been notified.  it seems to be random.  but in all cases, sticky keys is working for all users, all the time, every time i reboot.  it would be nice to know what code is sending these notifications.


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