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#1 2022-07-26 10:08:50

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[Appearance]: high dpi + smaller fonts or low dpi + larger fonts?

Theoretically it's the same result. But we all know the difference between theory and practice (theoretically there is none but practically it is substantial). I'm wondering if from the point of view of XFCE users/developers one of those two approaches is more preferable?


#2 2022-07-30 01:33:12

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
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Re: [Appearance]: high dpi + smaller fonts or low dpi + larger fonts?

oh how i fear going to a 4K display and having to deal with such tiny text i will get just about everywhere, until i can figure out how to set everything to a much larger font.  text mode (not xfce4-terminal) could be especially difficult.


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