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#1 2019-01-20 17:57:14

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Reference Implementation for XFCE

I noticed that the plethora of XFCE's components are at various maintenance levels, and that a great number of Linux distros that offer XFCE as one of their DE-options bundle those very components at many different maintenance/patch levels. In my humble opinion, this is very difficult to support (major kudos to ToZ et al) and just as difficult to help out with for someone like me, a non-developer.

So my question: is there a "reference implementation" (possibly a certain distro, or meta-package) anywhere that provides a fully operational version of ALL XFCE components, incl. all apps & applets, at their current/latest maintenance level? Having such a bundle to test with -- possibly installed on a persistent usb stick -- would go a long way to isolate problems, or to ascertain overall operational integrity ...

Thanks in advance for commenting!

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#2 2019-01-20 18:11:59

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Re: Reference Implementation for XFCE

I haven't tried it yet, but xfce-test looks like it might fit the bill. It doesn't build all of the components but you might be able to build those manually if you need them. It states that it builds the latest core components from git sources.

Another option would be to use an Arch-based distro and the AUR. Most of the Xfce components have "-git" packages available there that build directly from the git tree. You'll need to manually keep it up to date, but it should work.

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#3 2019-01-20 19:21:52

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Re: Reference Implementation for XFCE

a web page that shows all these Xfce components (official ones and unofficial substitutes and add-ons) with their version numbers and release dates for about 12 most recent releases (all releases on a single component page is a plus) would be nice to at least see what might be missing in some OS/distro.  on the same line for each version/date also show, in red, the OS/distro + version that component is in.  this might help people decide what system/version they want to install.


#4 2019-01-22 10:44:14

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Re: Reference Implementation for XFCE

or gentoo

> a web page that shows all these Xfce components
for example

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#5 2022-08-12 16:30:54

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Re: Reference Implementation for XFCE


If the topic here is only for users on xfce developer neveau, please ignore my questions. I have my experience in programming, but I am a xfce beginner - even as a user.

https://github.com/schuellerf/xfce-test wrote:

This test is set-up as a docker container which is displaying it's X11 content on a Xephyr instance on your screen.

My questions are:

  • Do I understand it correctly that with

    ./xfce-test install

    I can install xfce-test on Ubuntu?

  • Do I understand correctly that with

    xfce-test start

    just starts one of the containers and I can play around with the test environment.

  • The stability of my Ubuntu host is not affected by installing xfce-test?

Thank You!


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