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#1 2022-11-20 23:54:08

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detect when xfce4-terminal window is open

i have a script that launches multiple instances of xfce4-terminal.  after each one, it then needs to change to a different workspace number and launch another xfce4-terminal.  without waiting, all would open their windows in a latter namespace, perhaps the very last.  to avoid this i run sleep for a time that it seems it takes for xfce4-terminal to open the window.  but sometimes, for an unknown reason, it takes even longer to open.  i have extended this sleep time twice.  but it also sleeps when the window opens fast and that seriously slows the script.

i'm looking for a way to detect when the window is actually open so the script can then switch to the next workspace.  any ideas?


while doing some searching, a deep reference suggested that even the shell session the terminal starts could get to running that shell's profile or "rc" script before the terminal window appears.  i do want to know how to detect when the window is there.

i want to change workspace once the window is there (if i change workspace sooner the window can appear in the wrong place.  a way to force a window into a workspace that is not the current workspace would be helpful but i have seen no way to do that.

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