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#1 2024-06-17 07:04:26

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XFCE DPI / fractional scaling

I loved XFCE many years ago and wanted to try it again recently,
I use 4K 75Inch TV and I need to scale the UI x2 to be able to see it.

In XFCE however, when you scale x2, it actually makes the UI even smaller (on other desktop managers it makes the UI bigger),
Not sure who would need a UI even smaller, but there it is...
The XFCE way to make the UI bigger is by fractional scaling, like 0.5 or 0.3 ...
The problem with this is that it makes the UI react much slower, and thus not really usable.

I know that there is the "window scaling" option, but it's also not ideal as I also want to play games.

Today we have many 4K monitors, so scaling is very important.

Please let me know what you think about this issue.


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