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#1 2016-01-08 02:37:29

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General Graphics Glitches - and cannot load Kivy programs

Hello all!

This is a bit of a two parter, but I believer it all stems from the same graphics faultl. I'm somewhat new to Linux. Just set up a "dual boot" to XFCE ubuntu on my Chromebook.

Sometimes when I switch from Chrome to Linux, mouse turns into a weird blend of pieces of the desktop (broken graphics). Didn't really bother me until a similar bug impacted other things.

Installed Kivy and tried to set up the basic "Hello World" program.

Upon running the program from the terminal, I get either a black screen or a graphical glitch of whatever else is going on, on the desktop.

The terminal also displays a list of debug lines (I'm not used to this in Windows. Assuming this is standard.)

hQcHa4p.png?1  Here's what I'm looking at.

.py file

    from kivy.app import App

    class WeatherApp(App):

    if __name__ == '__main__':

.kv file

       text: "Hello World!"

Called from terminal with

    python main.py

Am I doing something wrong?


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