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#1 2016-02-07 23:37:54

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Good Day

Good day everyone, I'm Yochonon, and I'm a rank newbie when it comes to both Xfce and Linux. I've got an old non-pae Dell Latitude D600 that's still in great shape. I couldn't see just throwing it out after Microsoft ended support for XP, so I looked around for a Linux distribution to add to it. The only one I could find that would work was CrunchBang Waldorf 11. It was okay, but I was really addicted to the look and usability of Windows. (Yes, I know how user-friendly Linux is supposed to be, but it's not if you don't how to use it. I AM getting there, though. I have to learn on the fly, as I'm a technician, not a programmer.)

I just figured out to install Xfce after much scrounging about on the internet. (version 4.8 Debian distro) I've figured that once I've learned all I can from this little laptop, I'm doing to do something similar to my Dell Inspiron 9400. It's also a XP-based machine, but fortunately it seems to be able to run almost any Linux distribution. As I play with Linux, it does seen to be getting easier.


#2 2016-02-11 21:39:41

From: Sussex, England
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Re: Good Day

Welcome, from another newbie.


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