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#1 2016-03-26 03:16:10

From: Glenwood, Queensland
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Long, long time ago, before Linux grew into a platform that had pretty well come of age, I used Unix at college. Of course, we had, at that time, only a command line (the administrator had X, but we had to do without). This introduction led me to Red Hat (at the time, free and open), which, on just the odd occasion went into to play. Of course, considering the times, everything else was MSDOS and, later, Windoze.

Fast forward about 30 or so odd years (around me, everything is odd wink ). At each iteration, Linux developed into a system which "normal" people could successfully and easily use. Open-source came ahead by leaps and bounds. Around 6ix or 7even years ago, made the swirtch to Linux, keeping just one of my machines on Windoze for testing, and which machine is coming almost to the brink of conversion too. After a process of trying different Distro's, finally settled on Debian Testing.

Because of its similarity in functional appearance, for most of that time have been a KDE user. Yes, tried various Desktop environments at different times, but none suited me or my purpose. Then, just a few short years ago, Xfce matured into "something" that became eminently suitable as my back-up when problems with KDE (usually around the transition times). That maturing process has not finished, and today, but for one tiny tiny thing (posted elsewhere), am finding that Xfce has become an environment quite able and capable and suitable to my needs; it is quick, it functions well on my (somewhat) older machines, it is simple and easy to configure, the interface is not frightening to a Windoze user who needs to use my laptop at any time when I visit them, it is relatively quick, etc.

And that is how I ended up here smile



#2 2016-03-26 03:27:40

From: Canada
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Re: Greetings

Hello and welcome.


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