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#1 2016-04-04 14:02:11

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Hello - again! - And I solved my mailer problem...

Hello again to XFCE and the community.

XFCE is always my fallback DE. Or KDE is. I am not quite sure which way round it goes. Anyway, KDE/Plasma is just a bit too wobbly for me at the moment, so it is back to trusty XFCE.

Of course I had a problem over my mailer. I have several years of POP mails in maildir format. And Kmail is currently part of the wobbly stuff. So I tried to covert my maildirs into a format useable by a different POP mailer. Have you tried converting maildir to MH or mbox recently? Yuk! And I really wanted to keep to the (mainstream) maildir format. So that ruled out Thunderbird and Claws.

Then I found Balsa! It copes with just about any format. And converts (if you wish) on the fly. Wow!

So I was just about to convert the formats when I realised that Balsa is a RUM (Really Useful Mailer).


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