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#1 2016-06-08 21:04:09

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oom-killer kills Xorg instead of app

Hi !

I am facing the problem, that Xorg dies - killed by linux oom-killer.
This happens, while I am working - got the login-prompt suddenly.
The cause was in syslog. This is not the first time ...

The problem so, I do not understand it. The app, which uses a huge and growing amount of memory was just Firefox.
Ok, in the meantime, I am using other browsers too, so it is not absolutely clear - but they all are the consuments
of huge amounts of memory.

So, if somethings must be killed, one of the browsers have to be choosen!
In depth, I do not understand it, because there is not need for a crash at all,
this is a virtual memory system ..... and there is swap, with only very little use.

This is Debian 8.4 (3.16.xx, 4 GB RAM) with XFCE 4.10.
BTW, I have another debian box running (same version, but with 16 GB RAM) with XFCE 4.12.
This has now: uptime 44 days, mem free 300 MB .... The crash will follow soon.

What can I do ? My computers must be able to run 24x7.

Any help is really welcome!

Thanks so far and best regards,


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