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#1 2016-07-18 15:20:42

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Three monitor setup with script: fail

Hey there!

First, this ASCII art is the setup I want to achieve:

| D |
| V |  --------  ----------
| I |  |HDMI-1|  |Notebook|
| - |  --------  ----------
| 1 |  

I am using Xubuntu 15.10 and Xfce 4.12. When I manually (using Arandr) to orient the DVI screen, set the HDMI screen as the primary, move the panel to the primary screen, it works.
However, when I use the following script, it fails for several reasons:

xrandr --output VIRTUAL1 --off --output eDP1 --mode 1600x900 --pos 3000x428 --rotate normal --output DP1 --off --output HDMI2 --off --output HDMI1 --off --output DP1-3 --off --output DP1-2 --primary --mode 1920x1080 --pos 1080x248 --rotate normal --output DP1-1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate left --output DP2 --off

xfconf-query -c xfce4-panel -p /panels/panel-0/position -s \"p=6;x=2040;y=264\"

Where the DVI screen is DP1-1, the HDMI screen (primary) is DP1-2 and the notebook screen on the right is eDP1.

As mentioned, it fails for a few reasons when executing the script:
1) DP1-1 is oriented landscape, instead of portrait
2) There exist a small gap between the monitor and the panel
3) I cannot change anything to the configuration anymore, even not manually (arandr), because of the following error: "Cannot find crtc for output eDP1"

Number 3 makes it even worse, because when I remove the notebook from the docking station, the screen goes black and won't come back (reconnecting the docking station is also useless), which effectively leads to a hard reset by user...

I know this question is similar to https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=6440, but it is for an older version of xfce where you had the "output-name" for each panel. Besides that, it simply doesn't word as explained above wink




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