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#1 2016-07-20 14:47:18

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Thunar Devices Menu and user-specified mountpoints


I'm a relative linux newbie, and started using Manjaro OpenRC recently on the recommendation of a friend.

I prefer to do everyday (importing photos, browsing to usb drives, copying, moving, renaming, etc) file actions using the GUI and so far Thunar is very effective and streamlined for this purpose.

However, I'd like to make more use of the devices menu in the sidebar without being married to the mountpoint of /run/media/...

I really dislike this location scheme, it's not very efficient if I DO need to use the commandline, and when I setup my fstab for automounting internal and external harddrives, I have them mounted at places like /drives/ or /disc/ for optical media.

Is there a way to configure Thunar to mount through the gui devices menu to a user-specified mountpoint, such as /drives/... ? Is there away to change the default location for removable media/"devices" in this panel so that they appear in the "devices" menu automatically when mounted in a location OTHER THAN /run/media/...?

Would a simple symlink in /run/media/... to the user-specified dir, e.g. /drives/esata2tb suffice to "fool" thunar into displaying?

Thanks for any help!


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