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#1 2016-07-30 04:18:39

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XFCE became unusable: Black screen

Hello !

I've installed a fresh machine (debian, 8.5, 3.16.0) with xfce4 (4.10.1).
It does not save the selected display and resolution. For each boot, I have to go to settings/display and make
the selection again.Then I registred the checkbox "use always this settings" - or somethings like this.
That moment, I removed the check mark, the screen become black and I am not finding any way to recover.
[note: I have named that checkbox above just this from memory, because a have no display]. The
ultra-intelligent "boot from recovery" makes no changes .... - is has no value.

To my surprise, a reboot leads to the same situation. The login screen appears and I enter my credentials.
After confirm, the screen is black - although, nothing was ever saved before.

The next ugly thing in this installation is, that there are nor consoles. I cant remember, which keys
invoke them (alt/ctrl+ F<n> should do)- nothing happens.

Can someone please give a little help ?
The last steps I've done, was repairing the network - which I got luckily managed (After setup of
"openvswitch-switch" the network does not came up) - and so, I have ssh access at the moment.

Surely, in any of the countless files, there will probably be selected display ...

Thanks anyway,


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