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#1 2016-09-29 16:38:50

From: Montreal, Canada
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Xfce4-session-logout is different in same operating system

On an Xubuntu 16.04 32bit desktop, on clicking on 'logout' three options appear on a single display, (Log Out, Restart, Shutdown) without a the requirement to confirm. On re-login, and no password was required on initial boot, one can log back in without a password.

On an Xubuntu 16.04 64bit laptop with the same desktop software, when selecting logout, there are no menu choices. One logs off directly and sees the login screen. There one can select Restart or Shutdown from the Xfce4 panel, and either selection prompts for confirmation. On re-login, while no password was required on initial boot, one must type the password.

How can I change the laptop menu to have the same Logout options as the desktop? Both use the same 'Xfce4-session-logout' command.

Here are the two images of the current Xfce4 log out screens.



My preference is the desktop menu style, and I don't understand why the difference.

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Dual boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu 16.04 32bit desktop. Macbook 3.1 X86-64 dedicated to Xubuntu 16.04 64bit laptop.


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