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#1 2016-11-27 18:21:47

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Strange behavior from Network Manager/NM Applet in XFCE

I’m running Arch installed the Arch way on my Asus ultrabook. Sometimes the Network Manager Applet doesn’t seem to find any networks unless i use the

nmcli dev wifi con "mySSID" password "myPassword"

command first.
It’s very strange, what will happen is I will boot up, usually in a location new to the computer if that makes sense, and find that there is no network available for me to select within the applet, and only entering the above line of code with the info of the network i intend to connect to will allow it to connect to any network (others become visible after connecting to one, but I cannot connect to any of them without the command, as I found when setting up my WiFi repeater today).
This also occasionally happens when waking from suspend, although that is harder to pin down and i have not tested it with the above code for that reason. Specifically the machine will still be connected to the network, but the icon will show disconnected and not allow me to connect to a new network)
Has anyone experienced something like this? I’m just confused as to why that is, as this did not happen on my last Arch install, which utilized the GNOME DE.


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