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#1 2016-12-19 06:11:34

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A bit feedback love for you guys!

I've only been  using XFCE for the last month and a half. Before that, I had been switching back and fourth between Gnome and KDE for the last few years while being intensely unsatisfied with both. I resisted XFCE because I was under the impression that it was more for under-powered machines with alot less features than either of these other two Desktops. I ended up trying XFCE in the desperate search for something different. Something that doesn't crash every 5 minutes the way KDE does and something that isn't as stifling as Gnome shell has become, something that doesn't slice out more and more features from their Desktop with every update.

It seems that my true love was sitting under my nose all these years. I was blown away by the high quality Desktop you guys have made. Everything was designed with alot of thought and consideration towards the users. You manage to offer us more features than KDE while being much faster and much much more stable. Yeas, for the sake of performance, one can't just drag and drop items on panels, yes adding/managing those items can be made more accessible with improved context menu design, yes there is no native expose style window/desktop management or eye candy the way you get in KDE/Gnome Shell but panels only gets setup once and xpose/eye candy can easily be added for those that want them via Skippy XD or xfdashboard for slower machines or Compiz.reloaded for faster ones.

I have never enjoyed using a Linux desktop environment as much as I've enjoyed using XFCE.  Thank you for all the wonderful work you're doing.


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