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#1 2017-01-06 01:06:03

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Allowing VNC "remote login" ?

Allowing VNC "remote login" ?

I am currently unable to ssh into my Fedora 25 box
running Xfce 4.12.  If you want, you could follow the
thread here:


After going through things such as ssh configuration and the firewall,
about all that is left is this suggestion:

It is my belief that the remote login switch is intended to control VNC
logins, but apparently SSH are also currently affected.

And so, I need to set my desktop's "remote login" setting
to "yes".  People at fedoraforum.org have explained to
me how to do this in Gnome, but nobody there knows
how to accomplish this for Xfce.

And so, my question is: 

Is there a setting for Xfce for "sharing"/"remote login"
and how do I set this?

Thank you for your help.


#2 2017-01-06 02:58:09

From: Canada
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Re: Allowing VNC "remote login" ?

chicagocoyote wrote:

And so, my question is: 

Is there a setting for Xfce for "sharing"/"remote login"
and how do I set this?

No, Xfce doesn't attach itself or control system services like this. (I'd be curious to know what Gnome does at the system level when the remote login switch is set)

Had a quick read through the linked forum thread, and it really sounds to me like a firewall issue. Look at enabling logging on the server component of sshd to see if you can track what happens when the request comes in. I don't have much experience with fedora, but a quick search turned up this post that talks about adding a debug parameter.

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