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#1 2017-02-24 14:20:26

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Screen locker after suspend problem

I use OpenSUSE Xfce. And I removed xscreensaver, found out it very ugly. I picked i3lock and got it. In the script /usr/bin/xflock4 I changed some strings so xflock4 now launch i3lock. But after suspending the system launch another screensaver basic for OpenSUSE, I suppose. How can I switch the locker and enable i3lock after suspending? How can I make launch i3lock after 10 min?

P.S. I tried to find out something in the Settings of Xfce but there is no Screensaver after I remove xscreensaver. PowerManager has not options for launch i3locker. This my first post ever. I really exhausted.


#2 2017-02-24 19:30:10

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Re: Screen locker after suspend problem

Hello and welcome.

But after suspending the system launch another screensaver basic for OpenSUSE

You'll need to find out which screensaver is being launched by your distro and/or setup. This isn't really an Xfce issue as much as it is a distro/configuration issue. Please note that Xfce does not come with a screensaver - most distros add one. Xfce has some built-in support for screen savers (the xflock4 file) and the powermanager with light-locker, but not much else.

It might help if you posted the edited contents of your xflock4 file so that we can see what you did. Perhaps we can identify which "other basic screensaver" is being launched. You might also look at your list of installed programs or active processes to see if you can identify another screensaver program.

It is also possible, based on your description, that the other basic screensaver is not necessarily a screensaver, but an issue where your display card is not re-enabling the display when the system is resumed from suspend. If so, this is not something that Xfce would be able to fix for you.


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