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#1 2017-03-22 07:12:22

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Dual Monitors always "black out" while using them on a closed Laptop

Hey Guys,

I am really new into XFCE, but as far as I can say, I love it smile
I am using it with Arch Linux.

A the moment I am using two external monitors via usb-c (daisy chain) on my thinkpad and it works just fine out of the box with the xfce display manager, no xrandr changes or anything are made so far. I disabled the Laptop screen, while I use it closed anyway when I am at home.

My only problem is, that after quite some time, the displays randomly start to black out for a short period of time and than it returns "back". The settings stay the same, like nothing happend. It is the same kind of "black out" like you would change e.g. the resolution of the screen or replug a display. The black outs happen from time to time on the left and on the right display, sometimes both at the same time. I guess that XFCE has some trouble to identify the displays right, but just after a couple minutes. When I am using my laptop without the external screens, nothing like that happens.

What can i do to make this blackouts stop? If you need further information, just tell me smile I am aware that my explanation may not the best approach here sad

Roman smile


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