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#1 2017-05-10 09:08:54

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switch virtual terminals and mouse pointer frozen in place

ubuntu 17.04 and xfce4 just installed,  selected the 'turn off pad while typing' on the touch pad due to a spurious click problem,  change virtual terminals, come back to the terminal with xfce4 - and the pointer is frozen.   Everything else seems fine.  Haven't found anyway to wake it up, just have to kill the session.  If one is lucky the pointer is frozen on the background, and one can right click and arrow down to logout.   When logging back in all is fine.

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#2 2017-05-10 14:25:15

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Re: switch virtual terminals and mouse pointer frozen in place

Check your Xorg log files to see if any error messages are displayed when you do the switch. Might be an issue with the video driver.

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