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#1 2017-05-10 20:46:57

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Unicode broken in xfce4-terminal


I'm using XFCE on ArchLinux. Since a while, unicode chars (e.g. German Umlauts and the graphical chars used by the "tree" command) are broken in xfce4-terminal.
Up to the last update, this could be fixed by resetting the terminal, and after that all characters were displayed correctly. Therefore I don't think it's a font issue. But since I updated today, reset does not help anymore.

Interestingly, this only applies to the output of commands, such as "ls -l" or "tree". If I type in some Umlauts, they are displayed correctly, but with one typed character delay. It looks like this:

  • I type in "ä", no character appears

  • I type in "ö", the "ä" appears

  • I type in "a", the "ö" appears

  • I type in "b", "ab" appears

This is really, really bad for everyone using NLS chars. The problem seems to be xfce4-terminal-specific. File names with NLS chars are displayed correctly in Thunar.

My installed version of xfce4-erminal is 0.8.4


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