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#1 2017-10-13 13:08:48

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Drag & drop images from Firefox to desktop

I've just installed Xubuntu 17.04 and it looks fine (never used XFCE before). I have a couple of problems,
the worst one (I need this feature at the work) is described in the subject: when I drag and drop an image (image.jpg) from
Firefox to the Desktop, Thunar tries to save a link to the image URL. If I try to drag and drop the image into a folder,
Thunar returns an error saying that it's impossible to create a link for the URL "http://link.to/image.jpg" and cannot change
directory to "file:///path_to dir_where_I_dropped_image" because file or folder doesn't exist.
I can save images using right click and "save image to" but I'd like to use drag & drop to speed my work.
I think it's a desktop-related behaviour that I can fix but I really don't know XFCE well.
Can you help me?
Thank you.


#2 2017-10-17 00:59:14

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Re: Drag & drop images from Firefox to desktop

Same result for me (Xubuntu 16.04, FF 57). I'd say it's an xfdesktop or Thunar missing feature, but can't say for sure.

Take a look at Double-click Image Downloader Firefox (and Chrome) extension. It's the best-looking workaround I've found, after some searching.

Let us know how/if it works!

edit: said xfwm instead of xfdesktop

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