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#1 2017-11-23 12:33:46

Ricky Tigg
Registered: 2017-11-23
Posts: 1

Enhancement requests regarding Thunar 1.6.12 application

First post. Hello community.

- Easy to use file manage; nevertheless it is noticeable that View → Side Pane is usefully made available as option Short-cuts or Tree. Those options surprisingly do not apply as well to the Side panel folders' respective contents located in the main resource area.

- Last opened resources cannot be retrieved as it is the case for example in Gnome or Mate dedicated file managers.

- Also the possibility to display permissions related to resources in octal format would be convenient (example for folders: “40755”).

- At last, when Intelligent option is selected (Right-click desktop top panel, Panel → Panel Preferences…, in Display tab), enough hight icons located on it may be partly hidden under that same panel, be the option Lock panel selected or not, which is indeed a feature that does not look as polished as it is expected from a fully modern desktop environment.


#2 2017-11-23 21:06:24

From: Hawkesbury NSW Australia
Registered: 2012-02-05
Posts: 506

Re: Enhancement requests regarding Thunar 1.6.12 application

As the developers don't visit here often you need to create a Enhancement request bug report at https://bugzilla.xfce.org/. A request with patches will probably get quicker attention too.


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