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#1 2018-01-07 22:30:36

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How To Highlight Active Program On Panel

I may have more than one program, or document within a program, open at the same time within a workspace.  How can I make the foremost item on the panel highlighted in some way?



#2 2018-01-16 02:55:30

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Re: How To Highlight Active Program On Panel

I have Window Buttons installed and added to the bottom panel on my desktop. I was under the impression that it did what you are asking for. Not being sure, I ran a calculator application and gedit (so as to have three applications running at once instead of just my browser). At this point, gedit was the foremost item (as it was the last one I ran). I moved my cursor to the bottom of the screen in order that the bottom panel be displayed...

And the "Window Buttons representation of gedit" is, in fact, highlighted (by color or shade of color). The other two applications are white / without color, and gedit is tinted (bluish, I think, but colors are not my forte).

To make sure, before posting this, I quit gedit. This left the calculator application as being foremost - and its representation on the panel was not highlighted. I then switched - using Alt-Tab - to my browser, and the highlighing changed from the calculator to my browser.

In short, install the Window Buttons panel applet.


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