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#1 2018-01-17 14:43:57

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text file typed as Monkey's audio

Thunar 1.6.11

This is some silliness - it must be some kind of heuristics

A text file without any filename extensions containing specs and links about a 2006 iMac will be typed "Monkey's audio".

I tried creating new document in Thunar - saved it (no extension) with some string "this is just some text" and it indicates it is in fact a text file.

Then if I paste in the content of the file with the specs and links it changes to type Monkey's audio.

I can tell it to use mousepad to open it, and that directive is persistent.

Here's the file.


#2 2018-01-17 16:03:13

From: Where Mr. Bankruptcy is Prez
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Re: text file typed as Monkey's audio

Developer doesn't know the difference between a codec for musical delight and an overpriced computer that's white?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Snowed in here and it's 3°F (-16.1111°C) here - and very, very windy.

For clarification's sake, when you saved the modified test file, you kept its original name and only the contents of the file have changed?

Just curious here, but is this a "stock" text file (or, I suppose, are the contents)? In other words, was this something that was originally published by Apple and unmodified from its original state, or are the contents coming from a different source (random author, your own work, et cetera)?

You might try copying the text (only) and pasting it into yet another file, and then doing the same with the Internet links (only). And, if you wish to be really thorough, open your test file and edit (remove) the iMac-related contents and re-save it - does it then still get treated as if it is an .APE file?

EDIT: I couldn't remember the proper filename suffix for Monkey's Audio, so I typed that (Monkey's Audio) into a search engine. The very first result is www.monkeysaudio.com/ - and the search engine is giving me a warning that "This site may be hacked." Coincidence? Or... not, lol?

I have, in the past, wondered just how the file manager / system in general determines how files that haven't been named with proper filename suffixes shall be treated.


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#3 2018-01-17 16:47:06

From: Canada
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Re: text file typed as Monkey's audio

Just to add, it's not Thunar that's making that determination, probably libmagic. To verify, run:

file 2006iMacCore2Duo

...because most probably the header of the file somehow matches the template for that file type. Just add a space before the first character and it should report back as a text file again.


#4 2018-01-18 01:27:04

Registered: 2018-01-17
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Re: text file typed as Monkey's audio

@ToZ - yep. Just adding a space before the first character made it report back as a text file again.

john@OptiPlex-780:~/DATA/iMac$ file 2006iMacCore2Duo
2006iMacCore2Duo: Monkey's Audio compressed format version 21327

john@OptiPlex-780:~/DATA/iMac$ file 2006iMacCore2Duo
2006iMacCore2Duo: ASCII text, with very long lines

@MDM - the extension for Monkey's audio is ape.


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