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#1 2018-02-11 07:11:12

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window hide to tray, then re-open automaticly

Because i can not seem to reproduce the problem, it seems to happen at random moments, in 2 weeks only happened twice:
on my Gentoo ~amd64 laptop the XFCE4 terminal hides to panel, then quickly re-opens again to original state.
Yesterday the XFCE4 terminal was open, when i was typing the command: netstat -an, the XFCE4 terminal started to hide to panel,
then reopened to original state, in such fast way it almost seems like flicker.

i am sorry if i did not provide enough information, feel free to ask.
Question: is the above described behavior of the xfce4 terminal a known bug?


#2 2018-02-11 15:58:36

From: Canada
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Re: window hide to tray, then re-open automaticly

Hello and welcome.

You don't mention the exact version of xfce4-terminal you are running.

All of the currently active bug reports can be viewed here. See if one matches your issue.

Also have a look at the changelog to see if the issue has been fixed in a commit or version later than the one you are running.


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