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#1 2018-02-23 20:10:38

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Exempting apps from Do not Disturb

Is there anyway to make an app show notifications even when Do not Disturb is enabled?
For example allowing the volume and brightness to still show as a notification, but continue blocking everything else.


#2 2018-02-23 22:17:36

From: Canada
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Re: Exempting apps from Do not Disturb

Hello and welcome.

Not easilty, no. You are asking about a "Do Not Disturb" whitelist and that functionality doesn't exist (AFAIK). You could create an enhancement request to see if the developer is interested in adding this functionality - though it does go against the whole "Do Not Disturb" concept.

There are two other slightly more complicated options:
1. manually uncheck all but those two from the Applications tab (ugh)
2. create a script that manually manages the /applications/known_applications and /applications/muted_applications xfconf properties. To get those contents:

xfconf-query -c xfce4-notifyd -p /applications/known_applications
xfconf-query -c xfce4-notifyd -p /applications/muted_applications


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