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#1 2018-03-17 22:32:25

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changing the order of monitors in a triple monitors config


I have a triple monitors display, but there is some inconsistancy in the order of the monitors according to different xfce tools.

If I use Applications>Parameters>display the order is:

||screen 2||screen 1||screen 3||

If I use the panel preferences in order to choose on which monitor I want to put the panel, the order is:

||monitor 1||monitor 2||monitor 3||

For some personnal reasons, I want to disable the left screen (screen 2/monitor 1) which I use  for photo treatment only. When it is disabled, the order in panel preferences becomes:

||disabled||monitor 1||monitor 2||

And so, the panel, for which I put the output on monitor 2, when I use the 3 monitors, goes on the right screen (screen 3/monitor 3).

I would like to have the panel always in the central screen, even if the left screen (screen2/monitor1) is disabled.

Is it possible to to have the same numbering in the display and in the panel preferences.

Thank you.



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