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#1 2018-03-22 05:37:39

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xfce4-popup-whiskermenu - intelligent behaviour over multiple panels?

I recently had XFCE installed over an old Ubuntu-gnome install, but have recently reformatted. I've got two monitors with a panel on each, the intention is for them to mirror each other (for everything except the system tray which only seems to want to live on the primary monitor) but displaying window icons for that monitor only.

I previously had the super key bound to "xfce4-popup-whiskermenu" and have programmed that easily enough, but it seems like when the menu pops up it only happens on the primary monitor. deleting this whisker menu causes the popup from the other monitor, but it seems to be only one or the other. I swear I used to remember it behaving intelligently (so far window placement of launched apps etc seems to behave the same, just not whisker menu).

Am I tripping or has anyone else noticed this? Also, I have the home directory from my old install - is it easy enough to copy over the config files from here to regain all my old settings (apologies a bit of a linux noob) or is that risky in any way? Should I try this in any case to see if the behaviour changes ?


#2 2018-03-22 16:48:58

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Re: xfce4-popup-whiskermenu - intelligent behaviour over multiple panels?

Hello, and welcome!

I don't have a solution for that (I'm a single monitor user myself), but see if this thread gives you some hint.


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