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#1 2018-07-16 08:05:12

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Sorting files and folders with underscore at the beginning


thunar normally ignored underscores at the beginning of file names or folder names, just like other file managers. but sometimes this behaviour can be changed by starting thw FM with

LC_COLLATE=C filemanager

But this doesn work with thunar. how can i use this sorting with thunar. is there an other way to change the behaviour?



#2 2018-07-16 11:04:22

From: Canada
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Re: Sorting files and folders with underscore at the beginning

Make sure that thunar's daemon isn't running - any new thunar instance will inherit the environment variables from this daemon. The LC_COLLATE=C trick should then work.

Bigger picture, you'll need to start "Thunar --daemon" with LC_COLLATE. A simple way to do this is to create the file /usr/local/bin/Thunar with the following content:

LC_COLLATE=C /usr/bin/Thunar "$@" &

...and make the file executable.

Then stop the daemon:

thunar -q

...and restart it:

Thunar --daemon

...and you should be good to go.


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