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#1 2018-08-16 14:30:05

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How to show conky?


I would like to add key shortcut that will rise a conky over the opened windows. I know how to add key shortcuts but I don't know what command will open the conky. When I type


(or add the command to the shortcuts) I see the conky just like I wanted but the conky restarts, not only come forth. I'm wondering if there is some command that would only rise the conky over the opened windows without restarting it. I have added


into the startup applications and I'm using Arch.


#2 2018-08-30 10:10:33

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Re: How to show conky?


I'm pretty sure you could set conky to stay above all other windows & then maybe use wmctrl & or xdotool to hide conky off screen when not in use. Someone running kde managed to autohide conky. Also another person has created a conky toggle script which might be of use ?? Sorry I can't help but this does sound interesting....

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#3 2018-09-01 19:50:52

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Re: How to show conky?


@ furycd001 -- thanks for pointing out "wmctrl" (nicely documented @ http://tripie.sweb.cz/utils/wmctrl/ ) which i find quite useful; i have been looking for just such a tool to pop a background window to the foreground.

@ jallu -- i have tested the command

wmctrl -a "myapp"

and it works just as the doc states: it pops my background(ed) app into the foreground. After testing it in a terminal window, i assigned a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+f12) and can confirm that it works just as before. So the command

wmctrl -a "Conky"

shold do the trick for you. Good luck!

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