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#1 2018-09-01 11:55:22

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Stop left click from raising window

In my previous installation of Manjaro with xfce4 I had the following settings for focus and raising windows:

Windows are only raised when I click the taskbar
Clicking inside a window, anywhere, gives it focus, but does not raise it unless I clicked the taskbar
An unfocused window can be scrolled if the mouse is hovering above it, without stealing focus

With my new installation, this is not working. I still run Manjaro and xfce4.

I have the following settings in Window manager:
Focus model - click to focus
Raise window when focused - disabled
Raise on click - disabled

In Window manager (advanced):
Block focus stealing - active
respect ICCCM focus - disabled
When window is raised - do nothing

And in Settings editor I have:
prevent focus stealing - true
rasie on click - false
raise on focus - false
raise with any button - false

What am I missing...?

Thank you in advance!

I confirmed the settings on my other computer, runnings CentOS7 with xfce, and I cannot see any differences to explain why it should misbehave on this computer.

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#2 2018-09-01 20:28:02

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Re: Stop left click from raising window

Hello and welcome.
Looks like you found a bug. Please create a bug report over at the bug tracker.


#3 2018-09-02 21:14:28

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Re: Stop left click from raising window

Thank you!

I reported the bug. You can find it here: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14656


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