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#1 2018-11-04 11:35:41

From: Beulah, Michigan
Registered: 2014-05-10
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cursor issue fix

I have been battling the inconsistent cursor size and color since ubuntu 5.04. Always I couldn't get a consistent size and color cursor across the board for all apps, especially for the non admin users. I think I finally have it and it is dead simple, at least for cursors that are already in the distro. I prefer DMZ-Black size 48. So for example I put this text in


Xcursor.size: 48
Xcursor.theme: DMZ-Black

if the .Xresources file doen't exist, create it for each user and just put the above text in it, changing the username and size and theme of cursor as desired

so far it survives reboots and stays set for all users. You can check for available icons in
/usr/shar/icons also many more can be downloaded. A while ago I had an easy fix using dconf-editor and /etc fix I don't remember but they never worked for all users, yea, 13 years of this bugging me!


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