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#1 2019-01-03 19:15:47

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my last 2 steps

end-2: change all users, except admin, to run Xfce.

i think this means changing the appropriate user files in /var/lib/AccountsService/users so that they specify Xfce.  what that should be, i am not sure of.  there is some variation in the users that are running Xfce, now.

the 5 users still running Unity have "XSession=ubuntu" in their /var/lib/AccountsService/users/${USER} files.  the other users simply do not have either "XSession=" or "Session=" in their files at all.  that makes me think that Xfce is now the default (because i installed that "xubuntu-desktop" package) and all users not specifying something else just get Xfce.  so, in theory, i can transition these last users be removing the  "XSession=ubuntu" line.  i dpn't know what to specify here to get Xfce, but, apparently, i don't need to know.

end-1: change user admin to run Xfce.

user admin does the big setup which mounts 2 encrypted file systems (the only time it prompts me for anything), sets up an encrypted network tunnel to my server so i can have IPv6 here, and logs on several users.  these uses do not (and must not) block on things like password prompts (or anything else).  switching this over to Xfce must have everything continue to work.  so i will test this and particularly look at this multi-user setup under Xfce.  i can't see why Xfce would cause this to not work.  but lightdm could, and it could be running a bit differently with Xfce active or installed.

any suggestions of things i should look at or do?


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