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#1 2019-01-07 10:16:46

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Switching a user back to Xfce [Resolved]

i accidentally caused user "skaperen" to be logged in with Unity by not knowing it was set for Unity on some login screen i got to.  i logged out and logged back in the way i usually do (switch user to it from user "admin") and it was still running Unity.  i logged out of "skaperen" and switched to "admin" (which is still intentionally running Unity).  the file /var/lib/AccountsService/users/skaperen was changed to have "Xsession=ubuntu" in it so i changed it to have "Xsession=xubuntu", instead, and switched to it, again.  still, it was running Unity.  so went to "admin" and opened a terminal with a root session (i'm not saying how, since if you don't know how, you shouldn't be opening a root session, even on your own computer).  then i cd'd to /home/skaperen/.config and looked for which subdirectories had anything that was modified in the timeframe of the "unity accident". there were 7 that had most everything, including the apex subdirectory modified in that timeframe.  so i moved those 7 subdirectories out of /home/skaperen/.config to another place.  i switched to "skaperen" again, and still, no luck.  it was still running Unity.

does anyone know how to get a user to run Xfce that is running Unity?

the switcher/greeter screen i get when i log out of any user is apparently a Unity one.  it has a dropdown list all user but nothing to choose a session type, otherwise i would have tried that.  can someone show me a screen capture of the Xfce greeter so i know what i have if i ever get there ... if you figured out how to do a screenshot there or cheated and used a camera?


i rebooted, and the issue is resolved.  i will have to keep watch on this, especially because i need to keep user "admin" on unity for a while, which means i need to keep unity packages installed for a while.

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