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#1 2019-01-08 00:55:50

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adding desktop launchers

i added a desktop launcher the normal way and watched what changed in the file space.  all i saw were new .desktop files in subdirectory ~/Desktop.  i played are with changes to the file and they had the expected effect doing nothing more.  the i tried duplicating a .desktop file with some changes to its properties by editing the file and it was added instantly when i moved the file into place.  i just wrote a script to create 2 launchers for terminals in all my userids.  one of them launches 1 terminal in whatever workspace is active.  the other launches a suite of 5 near full size terminals in workspace 0..4 and a pair of 80 column terminals side-by-side in workspace 5.  when the files are created the launchers appear instantly.  now i need to find icons for them.  i now see that i can make things dynamically change, such as making a launcher showing an analog clock with the current time or the moon in its current phase.


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